Skaarup Fudge
This site is dedicated to T.P. Skaarup and the
legion of fans who love his fudge recipes.

Since the Skaarup fudge pages are no longer available on the web,
we hope this site can serve as a resource and reminder of the
great fudge recipes he gave us. Our fondest wish would be that a
new generation of fudge fanatics embraces the knowledge of how
to make great fudge provided by T.P. Skaarup. So long as his
recipes and knowledge of fudge are available to the world, his
legacy will never die.

As fudge fans ourselves, we were quite dismayed to learn that the
Skaarup fudge pages were no longer available. In addition to our
personal notes, and with an army of minions, we have searched
the web in an effort to recreate here as much as we could of the
lost Skaarup fudge pages. While certainly not complete, we believe
that we have the important how-to information, the majority of the
Fantasia Fudge recipes, and many of the other most popular
recipes reproduced here.

If you have additional information or recipes from the original
Skaarup files please let us know. We would be happy to add them
to this site so it is as complete as possible. Your fellow fudge
enthusiasts would be most grateful.

To T.P. Skaarup we can only say please come back to us. In lieu of
that, we trust that our attempt to keep your legacy available to the
world meets with your approval. As requested, the recipes and
information are presented unaltered with original copyright

Now for the FUDGE! The site is divided into two main sections. The
How To Make Fudge section and the Recipes section. Use the
buttons on the left side of the page to navigate the site. We believe
you will find the most comprehensive and easy to use directions for
how to make fudge and the best fudge recipes anywhere. Enjoy!
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