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Before You Begin Making Fudge

Fudge is a frenetic and unforgiving taskmaster. You won't have time
to chop the nuts after the boil has begun. You won't have time to
find a wooden spoon after the chips start to melt. So I seriously
recommend that you consider that you have:

    1. The Time - takes about 33 minutes to make fudge. You
    can't stop in the middle:
    2. The Ingredients - get them all out, measured and ready to
    go before you turn on the stove top; and
    3. The Prozac handy when this thing goes bad (a supportive
    spouse will also do)

Do you mean I have to have the nuts measured & chopped before I
begin? Yeah. Prozac may not be needed if you take my advice since
your fudge will set. A supportive spouse is always a plus and they
can share the fudge once it's done.


In addition to all the ingredients prepared, I like to have the
following equipment on hand when making fudge:

REQUIRED                                 OPTIONAL
1. 2-3 quart saucepan               1. Cup of Cold Water
2. Wooden Spoon                      2. Candy Thermometer
3. Spatula                                    3. (Peanut Butter and Bread)
4. Hand Mixer
5. Measuring Cup & Spoons
6. Receiving Bowl
7. 9" x 9" Glass or Aluminum Pan
8. Aluminum Foil
9. Butter Flavor Crisco or PAM Spray
10. Timer or Clock

The Receiving Bowl should be large enough to hold the contents of
the saucepan + chips + helpers. I use a 4 quart Pyrex dish. The
bowl needs to be heat safe since you'll be pouring 235 degrees F
molten sugar syrup directly into it. This effectively rules out most
plastic bowls.

Temperatures are hotter than boiling water and most spatulas will
melt. There are "high temperature spatulas available but I mostly
use the spatula after the hot mixture has been mixed with chocolate
chips and the temperature is well below boiling.

A Hand Mixer makes life so much easier. This drive some Candy
Makers crazy since you’re “not supposed to stir fudge.” Okay.

Before you begin making ANY recipe you should thoroughly read it
at east twice.

The Marshmallow Creme jar contains 7 ounces of product, You
only really need about 5-6 and scraping out the last little bit can
make this time critical task difficult. So I just scoop out most of it
leaving a little behind in the jar. I use the remaining marshmallow
creme to make a Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Creme sandwich.

Pan Preparation

Most fudge recipes will produce enough product to fill a 9’’ x 9” inch
pan. Going for a 13” x 9" pan is a bit optimistic. The Fantasy Fudge
recipe will approach a 13" x 9" inch pan since it uses too much
sugar. In any event, you NEVER grease a pan, you butter the pan
(wipe butter on a paper towel all over the sides and bottom then
remove all but a light film) or use a non - stick spray. Pam Spray
used to be the only major player in the arena of non-stick sprays
but now there are Crisco and Wesson products as well. I
personally think the Crisco Butter Flavor is the best of all three. (My
spouse doesn't like the Wesson spray... seems it cooks down to a
hard varnish which is hard to clean.)

    I prefer to line my pan with aluminum foil then lightly spray
    with a non-stick vegetable spray. This is not as easy as
    Crisco Spray directly on the pan but has several advantages:

    • The entire batch can be lifted out of the pan once set
    • The aluminum foil can be peeled back to make cutting
    • Less stuff to clean

    Prepare the saucepan and wooden spoon as well by
    spraying with non-stick Crisco or Pam. Wipe along the
    sides of the saucepan with a paper towel. This helps
    prevent sugar crystallization during the boil.

    Another way to discourage sugar crystallization on the sides
    of the saucepan is to use a basting brush dipped in water
    and spread it around the sides of the saucepan after the
    sugar slurry is started.

PAN WARNING: I recommend a glass or aluminum pan, but don’t
use "insulated’’ pans. This causes the fudge to cool too slow… It's
still warm after an hour. This could result in a softer fudge.


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